What is user research, and why should I participate?

User research takes customer feedback and uses it to help uncover any ways in which companies can improve the usability of their products. User research can take different forms, from one-on-one sessions with a researcher to focus groups to online surveys. Businesses are able to create more usable products and services by using your feedback to drive the decisions made during the development process. When you participate in user research, you get to interact with the latest technology in a setting where your opinions really matter.

I've never taken part in a user study before - is that okay?

Absolutely! In fact, most of our researchers prefer participants who have not participated in a lot of studies before. Most of our studies are meant to replicate how you would use the product in your every-day life such as at home or work. Remember, we're testing the product, not you. There are no wrong answers, and all of your feedback is very valuable! 

What kind of products do you test?

We run user experience studies on all types of products, software, and services from a variety of companies around the world. We run studies on technical products (server software and tools, tools for developers, etc.) and consumer products (mobile apps, websites, skincare products, etc.). Whatever your experience and background, we’ll most likely have a study for your profile!

How do I participate?

It’s really easy. The first step is to enter your contact information into our participant database. As we start recruiting for a particular study, we alert those in our database via email. If you are interested in a study and meet the criteria, you will be asked to complete a brief (5 minute) questionnaire. If you qualify, we will invite you to participate. We do our best to schedule a study time that is convenient for you, including evenings and weekends. You will be sent a confirmation email when a study time has been agreed upon. The day before your study, expect to receive a reminder call. We understand that schedules often change, but please provide at least 24 hours’ notice, by email or phone, when rescheduling or cancelling.

How do you select participants for a study?

Every study has different participant requirements, based on the user profiles for whatever product or service is being evaluated. Criteria can range from basic information, like your age or gender, to very specific, like the type of phone, operating system, or skills you have.  We will include study criteria with each study announcement, as well as a Participant Profile Questionnaire that will help us determine if you fit the profile and quota required for the study.  We work with many companies and teams and will most likely have a study that fits your profile!

How long are the research studies and how much gratuity will I be paid?

Typically, studies are 1-2 hours and provide between $50-$200 in gratuity. However, the length and compensation can vary greatly for different studies, depending on the type of study being conducted. You will be informed of the specifics in the initial email that announces the study. Gratuity is paid within 5-7 business days of the completion of the study.

Where do the research studies take place?

This varies depending on the study. Some studies are conducted in our Redmond, WA office, while many are conducted remotely. 

Do I need to bring anything with me to a research study?

Our recruiters will let you know ahead of time if the researcher wants you to bring anything with you such as a laptop or mobile phone. This requirement will vary from study to study. 

How can I make sure that I don't miss a study opportunity?

To make sure you are up-to-date on our latest studies, be sure we have current contact info from you if you make any changes. And be sure to like us on Facebook – we update all of our studies there, and often share last-minute cancellations or extra incentives that might be attractive to you!

How will the information I provide be used, and is it kept private?

Your privacy and that of our clients is crucial to us. Your information is considered confidential and is only used for internal reporting between us and our research partners. In order to participate, you will sign an non-disclosure agreement which is intended to protect information shared during the research study. 

Audio and video of each research session is recorded, but participant names are removed from all recordings. Clips from these recordings may be used in research presentations that are only presented internally. As is true during any part of the research study, your feedback and participation are entirely voluntary.


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